Wondertime (2015 Remaster)

by Chris Bradford

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released October 4, 2014

1. Give Me A Son
2. When The Lights Go Down
3. Naomi & Sebastian
4. Built For Guilt
5. Where I Am Tonight
6. Wondertime

All songs written by Chris Bradford
Except track 5 Chris Bradford, Andy Scott, Bias Boshell

Tracks 1,2,3,6 Produced by Pip Williams at his Studio in Richings Park.1991/92. All instruments : Pip Williams. All vocals: Chris Bradford.

Track 4,5 Produced by Andy Scott, recorded at Lingfield Park Studios, Surrey 86/87. Vocals: Chris. Guitars: Andy Scott., Keyboards: Bias Boshell. Another all nighter!

2015 Remaster by LANDR


all rights reserved



Chris Bradford England, UK

Chris Bradford is a British musician and songwriter, best known for being the lead vocalist and songwriter in the British rock band The Heroes, and founding member of the singer songwriting trio, Bardot.
Bardot's album "Rockin In Rhythm" was released in 1978 on RCA, and The Heroes' "Border Raiders" in 1980 on Polydor.
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Track Name: Give Me A Son
We've both seen alot of tears in our lives,
We've both been through so many changes,
I'm sure we have shared an existence before,
I don't know why but I really know this

All those people we have met and have trusted,
Those secret feelings, all undusted,
I will give you things jewel-encrusted,
But you don't need them

So make a little room in your life,
Make me the proudest man alive,
Just give me a Son,
Just give me a God,
And love me

We are not the kind to run around in packs,
I like to know what kind of load is on my back,
I know how many stars there are,
There are plenty

So let's make a bit of room in our lives,
you know our dreams are linked in time,
You know our rhythms fit just fine,
So give me a Son,
Give me a God, And love me

We were born, we were born to great people,
Two great families, two houses unite
And the spawn, the spawn of this union,
Will snap if you let it, snarl, and bite

Let's put a bit of gold on our fingers,
Let's go and throw some jewels in the air,
Give me a Son... Give me a God…
Give. you my Life…
Give you my Heart…
Give you a Son, and love you
Track Name: When The Lights Go Down (with strings)
She is not into permanent things
She wants to lead her life on the roundabouts
And swings
Don't you try to pin her down
She'll be your Circus Master, you will be her
When the lights go down.

Don't turn around or show your back
She'll be your Queen of Spades, you will be
Her Jack
Don't turn your laughing charm on her
She'll pay you back with something
Beautiful that burns.

When the lights go down and the people stop
Running, when the lights go down and the
Candle stops burning
There will be just her and me
When the lights go down.

Ah let her wear your Halloween crown
Let her do anything though she may let
You down
She is not into permanent things
She wants to lead her life on the
Roundabouts and swings.
When the lights go down...
Track Name: Naomi & Sebastian
Naomi and Sebastian were two pretty people
With dreams and plans.
Sold up their house, put all their money,
In a Rock 'n Roll band.
They went all the way
Wanna write a book?
Wanna make a movie?
Move to LA.

Paris and Leyla got out of leather,
Got into silk.
Sold all their weird machines,
Got into milk.
They went all the way

They all sold their souls,
For a chance to meet the one,
Who deals the cards and rolls the dice,
Of Rock n' Roll

James and Miranda had everything going,
They took a cruise on the Nile.
It took all their bread, with kids to be-fed,
It was a change of style
They became real
Better take a look,
Better have a taste,
Better not waste it

With friends round all the time,
The candlelight and wine,
Nobody they really wanted to see,
Or be!!!

Toby and Greensleeves, Spencer and Tracy,
Hannah and Mars
Went to New Zealand where Holly and Noah
Were studying stars
They went all the way
Wanna be enlightened?
Go and see the dawn
Over LA.

An ancient holy man,
A lantern in his hand,
And all the words you're ever gonna need
All free

Pandora and Telemark worked on their muscles,
Not on their minds.
Looked like a couple of gods,
They took the God-like line.
They went all the way
Wanna be perfection?
Wanna be complete?
Move to LA.

A hungry horned beast,
A tired and crying priest,
The man who throws the bones of
What's to be. . .
Track Name: Where I Am Tonight
She tells you your face doesn't fit.
And there will be no terms.
She's making the most out of it.
Ain't it great, love burns?
Privately falling to bits
You hang around shattered. . .
Your friends have all scattered.

If you had to lose your little girl,
You'd know where I am tonight.

You watched without waving goodbye,
Without wishing returns.
Bitter and wondering why,
Ain't it great, love burns?
The lovin's gone out of her eyes,
You're on the ropes, shattered,
Nothing else matters.

If you had to lose your little girl,
You'd know where I am tonight.

You spend a lot of time walking around
Sleepless nights long and down,
When love turns and bites,
And you think about what you lost. . .
And what it's gonna cost. . .
Nobody's counting on you. . .

If you had to lose your little girl,
You'd know where I am tonight. . .
Where am I tonight ?
Track Name: Wondertime
We must have been lovers in another time,
Perfect lovers, working together,
Then having a wonderchild, when the time to love another arrived.

We handled the pressure,
pressure means nothin' when you follow your line,
When you're having your Wondertime..
This is your Wondertime..

"Hold on to your breath girl, you're gonna need it..
Hold on to my hand girl, kiss me and mean it!
This is gonna change your world!
We must have been lovers in another time,
And this is our Wondetime..

Was I a King in Cairo?
Were you my Queen?
I feel perfumed gardens, jewels and things..
Or were we just tramps on the street,
Hungry for what the future will bring?

"Hold onto those dreams girl, they're worth exploring..
If we ever run out girl we can always put some more in!
This is gonna change your world!
We must have been lovers in another time..
And this is our Wondertime .

"Every woman I've kissed, every man you've loved..
It was never like this.
Everything I've touched, everything I've tasted,
I love you so much,
Nothing's ever wasted in our Wondertime..
This is our Wondertime..

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